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"The viaduct of the black rocks"


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LA MONTAGNE on 03/10/2020

The general assembly of the Asttre 19 association is a milestone.

  All the participants welcomed the event: the check for 500,000 € from the heritage lottery (Mission of Stéphane Bern). Knowing that the Rochers Noirs viaduct was the chosen regional site this year.

The restoration of the Black Rocks Viaduct launched in 2021
























This sum will be added to others, very important, planned for the restoration of the work. A first phase will be carried out in 2021, the project manager having already been chosen by the Department.

The Viaduct will therefore find its place in regional tourism. For this result, obtained thanks to the solidity of the file presented, Asttre 19 and its president Roger Fraysse wanted to salute all those who worked, including: Alain Soularue, regional president of the heritage foundation; the departmental advisers Jean-Marie Taguet and Agnès Audeguil and the president of the Department Pascal Coste.

After the meeting, the assembly moved to the viaduct to inaugurate the event plaque and for a presentation of the check for € 500,000 from la Française des jeux.


Asttre 19 takes stock of the Rochers Noirs viaduct

Asttre 19 (for the protection of the Rochers Noirs viaduct) held its general assembly in early October in Soursac.

President Roger Fraysse presented the moral report saying that he has not heard from the DRAC recently. The viaduct was forgotten in the list of monuments to visit during heritage days. Asttre 19 will organize its own heritage day.

The financial results leave an interesting positive balance.

Buzzard rock. On this site, every Friday, the volunteers work: Firmin's hut is finished, the stairs too, the vines are growing! This set faces the panorama of the Luzège gorges with the viaduct in the background, it is accessible to all. Just above the path which linked Soursac to Lapleau before the roads and the jib!

Les Tournadoux: the cultural station project is still in people's minds. The country contract has disappeared "out of indifference". Now we will have to very quickly propose another version: a territorial cohesion contract in New Aquitaine, before those in charge.

The success of the exhibition in Chalvignac during the 3 days of the stamp was recalled.

This first foray into Auvergne land was very positive and made many visitors discover the Viaduct and the memory of the jalopy not far from home.

The assembly had a thought for Daniel Aubaud, recently deceased who had been treasurer of the association.

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